AIS19 was HUGE!

Celebrating Intrapreneurialism


“The day was absolutely extraordinary! It’s one of the best conferences I’ve ever seen. I cannot recommend enough that you attend in 2020. Just be sure you make it.”

T. Ryan

2019 Summit attendee

“We had such a terrific response from the MBA students who attended the 2019 Intrapreneurs’ Summit! They came back with a very different view of leadership and they then went on to apply what they learned in their MBA subjects. Two of the students who attended went on to win JCU academic excellence medals.”

Dr I. Kirkwood

2019 Summit attendee, Assoc Dean, James Cook University

“Every manager and leader should be here. Organisations need to embrace intrapreneurialism. Otherwise they’ll end up losing their intrapreneurs.”

M. Hillsdon

2019 Summit attendee

“Working in the field of innovation we talk a lot about the benefits to the organisation. But intrapreneurialism puts people at the centre of these changes.”

J. Day

2019 Summit attendee


Senior Sergeant Kelly McAuliffe

Innovation Unit, Organisational Capability Command, Queensland Police Service

Kelly has 22 years policing experience where she has performed a range of roles including a general duties police officer, detective investigator, training facilitator and project officer.

Kelly is a founding members of the Queensland Police Service Innovation unit that commenced in 2016. She was instrumental in building the right connections to ensure the QPS remains a progressive organisation in a rapidly changing environment. Kelly
and a small team implemented the QPS idea management platform iCOP (Ideas Connecting Our People).  Her passion to connect the unconnected has been instrumental in connecting over 6000 members. These connections have provided a voice to many, fostering collaboration and creative thinking to discover opportunities to make policing simpler, better and safer.


Finding the intrapreneurs within your organisation

How do you harness the capability, ideas and information within your organisation to support better business decisions and to engender trust?

This is a story of the Queensland Police Service’s idea management platform, iCOP (Ideas Connecting Our People) which has engaged 6000+ members to ask questions, share knowledge and submit ideas with the focus of making policing services simpler, better and safer. It will explore the concept of attention as an asset and through ‘harnessing the energy’ within the organisation you can support engagement and deliver the right outcomes.

Indigenous – John Fonmosa

Artist, Founder of Indijnarts

John Fonmosa is an artist with a passion for developing the next generation of indigenous artists and entrepreneurs. To help them succeed as entrepreneurs, John nurtures their skills as INTRAPRENEURS first before helping them to step out as business owners and entrepreneurs.

John was raised by his grandparents at Fingal head (Minyangbal) area of the Bundjalung Nation of Northern NSW.

Government – Robyn Turbit

Assistant Director General Department of Housing & Public Works Corporate Services Qld Government

BComm, BEcon

Robyn has worked in various iterations of the Department of Housing and Public Works for about 30 years. Robyn was appointed as the first Internal Audit Manager for the department and went on to fill a variety of positions until her appointment to the Assistant Director-General, Corporate Services position in 2007.

In the span of her 40-year career, Robyn has worked in various public and private sectors, predominantly in accounting, auditing and governance functions; and has undertaken roles using many employment styles, including full-time, part-time, telecommuting and contracting.

Academia – Professor Brad Jackson

Director of the Policy Innovation Hub and Professor of Social Innovation within Griffith Business School

Brad Jackson is the Director of the Policy Innovation Hub and Professor of Social Innovation within the Griffith Business School.  The Policy Innovation Hub promotes and facilitates close collaboration between Griffith University researchers, students and partners in industry, government and the community to create value for the residents and communities of Queensland, Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Jackson has published six books—Management Gurus and Management Fashions, The Hero Manager, Organisational Behaviour in New Zealand, A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book About Studying LeadershipDemystifying Business Celebrity and Revitalising Leadership. He has also co-edited the Sage Handbook of Leadership and Major Works in Leadership. He is a former co-editor of the journal, Leadership, and the former Vice-Chair of the International Leadership Association.


Sustaining Intrapreneurialism through Collaborative Leadership.

Community – Bill Delves

CEO Southbank Corporation

Professor Bill Delves is the CEO of Southbank Corporation with a mandate to evolve the most dynamic urban and cultural precinct in the world. Brisbane’s beautiful Southbank.


Community Intrapreneurialism

How do you unlock the great ideas within the community when planning the future of an important and much beloved piece of public infrastructure like Southbank?


Thank You To Our 2019 Partners