Official Opening

Leanne Kemp

Queensland’s Chief Entrepreneur

Leanne’s entrepreneurial success has led to her appointment as the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur for Australia in October 2018, a role to further develop the start-up ecosystem, attract investment and support job creation throughout the state of Queensland. She is the first female entrepreneur to hold this position.

Leanne is the Founder & CEO of Everledger, a leading emerging technology enterprise that tracks the provenance of high-value assets on a global digital ledger in an authenticated immutable manner.

Her leadership role in technology has been recognised, winning awards including the 2018 Advance Australia Award, Innovator of the Year 2018 at the Women in IT Awards (London) as well as being named in UK Business Insider’s 26 Coolest Women in UK Tech 2016. Leanne was named Brummell Magazine’s Top 30 Female Innovators 2016 and is also an IBM Champion for 2018. Leanne is an appointed member of the World Economic Forum’s Blockchain Council and a Co-Chair for the World Trade Board’s Sustainable Trade Action Group and is on the IBM Blockchain Platform Board of Advisors.

Leanne will be sharing her perspective on the importance of intrapreneurialism to the economy.

Opening Keynote

Dr Tara Ruttley

Associate Chief Scientist (microgravity research) at NASA

Located in Washington, DC Dr. Ruttley’s role consists of representing and communicating all research happening on the International Space Station (ISS), and supporting NASA’s Chief Scientist in developing research recommendations to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Headquarters. Combining her love for biology and human spaceflight, she pursued her BS degree in biology and an MS in mechanical engineering from Colorado State University.

Upon completion of her MS degree, she came to work for NASA at the Johnson Space Center in 2001 where she began her career as a biomedical engineer for the medical equipment and human research hardware used on the ISS. While working as an engineer, she concurrently pursued her PhD in neuroscience and then joined the ISS Program Science Office, where she spent over a decade playing an active role in ISS science activities, before moving to NASA Headquarters in 2019.

Dr. Ruttley has also recently completed a MA degree in anthropology-archaeology from the University of Houston; has authored numerous publications ranging from hardware design to neurological science, and also holds a U.S. utility patent.

Intrapreneurialism at NASA

In this presentation Dr. Tara Ruttley shares her experiences at NASA where intrapreneurial talent has driven innovation in ways that have sent humans to the moon, developed a permanent human presence in Earth’s orbit, and is leading the way for a permanent human presence on the moon and Mars. Find out how one of the most innovative organisations in the world fosters intrapreneurialism as a US government agency to promote a culture of innovation, safety, and exploration.

Diversity Speakers

Dr Drew Dwyer

Associate Professor, author, leadership educator and EntrepreNurse

Dr Drew is an author, key note speaker and EntrepreNurse.  He specialises in the development of clinical leadership for high end health professionals and healthcare business leaders. Drew has a passionate energy when on stage and mentoring in his workshops. He is a Fellow of the Australian College of Nursing, a Clinical Fellow of the JBI and holds an Adjunct Associate Professor role at the UQSoNMWSW. 

Drew is passionate about Nurse Lead Gerontology which is the study of the ageing process and its impact on the individual, the society, and the multidisciplinary healthcare practices needed to meet clinical care, and service delivery outcomes. He holds the abilities of nurses in high regard and is an advocate for nurses in other industries that could benefit from nursing skills and practices.

Rise of the “EntrepreNurse”: A new breed of intrapreneurs in health care

Contemporary nursing has moved much away from its traditional bedside role and image. Today nurses work across many fields of practice within the healthcare domains and have also diversified into other industries that see value in their adaptable fundamentals, flexible skills and abilities.

This presentation illuminates the value of the EntrepreNurse ‘; that new breed of innovative and creative nurses who are the unseen intrapreneurs of healthcare settings. The EntrepreNurse is a nurse who thinks outside the box; who has the fundamental clinical skills and competencies that underpins the practice of the profession, with the added advantage of purposefully acquired skills in other areas needed to achieve more focused outcomes. They are a motivated disrupter.

It’s time to remind those who are leading the healthcare industry, of the value of the EntrepreNurse. These nurses know that there are many innovation opportunities within healthcare consumerism and they are the skilled creative and critical thinkers with a passion for change who will find and progress those opportunities in conjunction with good holistic health care.

Given the current position of the health care industry and much of its looming crisis (simply look at aged & community care) it’s time to ignite the intrapreneurial fires in healthcare professionals. EntrepreNurses are the ones who will adapt, lead and change the future of health care and society. They are essential to the future health of our nation. This presentation illuminates the conditions for creating intrapreneurial EntrepreNurses.

Diversity Speakers

Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw

Author, speaker, leading authority on intrapreneurialism

Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw is one of Australia’s leading authorities on intrapreneurialism, innovation and creativity. She has been a thought leader and practitioner in these fields since before they became the new workplace imperatives. With a PhD in creative problem-solving and a Masters in Adult Education, Dr. Irena is a rare combination of deep academic knowledge, real-world entrepreneurial experience and a dedicated educator who is on a mission to liberate underutilised talent within our workplaces. In that capacity she works with leaders in both the public and private sector who want a critical mass of high-performing, dedicated, energised employees and leaders who can help shape the future of the organisation.

The unifying driving force underpinning Dr. Irena’s work is the liberation of human potential that too often languishes within businesses and organisations of all sizes. To that end she is helping to spearhead the intrapreneurialism movement in Australia to enable organisations to find their next wave of productivity and profitability.

Her recent books Intrapreneur and Leading in the Innovation Age draw on her vast experience of working with people in many different contexts who are tasked with leading change in our current disruptive times.  She is the founder and organiser of the annual Australian Intrapreneurs Summit; is editor-in-chief of Intrapreneur Magazine and sits on the advisory board of Griffith University’s Department of Business Strategy and Innovation.  

Cognitive Diversity: A strength of the intrapreneurial team

Organisations today are desperately seeking teams that can solve challenges more creatively and collaboratively, that avoid default solutions and deliver better outcomes – faster.  Organisations NEED to develop and better utilise the creativity, expertise and talent of their people if they want to achieve their organisational goals in the Innovation Age. But when engaging in creative problem-solving team members have different approaches and priorities, these differences among people can sometimes be the source of conflict if not understood. Such conflicts can lead to reduced productivity and less than excellent outcomes on projects requiring creative thinking and innovative outcomes. Understanding these differences can significantly improve a team’s productivity and solution quality.

This presentation will show how having a diversity of problem-solving approaches can boost the performance of teams seeking innovative outcomes.

Diversity Speakers

Mellissa Naidoo

Director of Medical Services Ramsey Health Centre

Dr Mellissa Naidoo is a doctor with over 15 years’ experience in clinical and medical leadership roles across both the public and private sector.  She is a passionate advocate for diversity in medicine and founder of Women & Medicine.  She is also a breast cancer survivor and mother of two little girls.

Having been on both sides of medicine – as a doctor and a patient, Dr Naidoo is passionate about healthcare improvement and person-centred care.  She has overcome adversity to succeed as a female leader in a male-dominated field and is committed to encouraging others through sharing her story.

A firm believer in the benefits of inclusion and diversity in leadership and decision-making, Dr Naidoo is the recipient of a joint government/Australian Institute of Company Directors Board Scholarship and has undertaken the prestigious Harvard Executive Women in Health Care program in Boston.  She is an experienced board director and serves on several medical professional and health committees. She is an advocate for inclusive leadership, doctor health and wellbeing and flexible work and training. She holds a Masters in Health Management and fellowships with the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators and Australasian College of Health Service Management.

Technology Speakers

Suzan Briganti

CEO and Founder of Swarm Vision – Silicon Valley USA

Swarm Vision is an award-winning software-as-service platform to identify, organize, develop and leverage innovation and intrapreneurial talent in the enterprise to drive growth. 

Suzan brings 25 years of experience in research, strategy and innovation. She has grown Swarm Vision from a garage start-up to a trusted solution provider to global Fortune 500 clients. She leads Swarm Vision with a focus on building great products and teams.

Suzan has an MBA summa cum laude from Boston University and a design degree from Italy.  She serves on the International Standards Organization for Innovation Management (ISO 56,000), representing the United States. She is an in-demand writer and speaker on innovation in the workplace.

Technology Speakers

Morgan Chance

Developer and Consultant at Digital Fusion

Morgan is not your typical software developer. He has a degree in veterinary science and in science education and has previously worked as a vet, a teacher and supporting marine research in UQ’s faculty of science. While in these various roles he found himself building software tools to enhance workplace operations and productivity. While working on a UQ marine station he completely rebuilt their operational software which resulted in a university innovation award. This success soon led him into manufacturing automation where he now works with a team of custom software developers who help other intrapreneurs realize their workplace innovations. 

In this presentation Morgan shares stories and case studies of how technology has made it possible for intrapreneurial employees in SME businesses to transform the business model of their enterprise catapulting them into global success.

Technology Speakers

Jessica Day

Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at IdeaScale – Silicon Valley, USA

Jessica Day is Co-Founder and VP of Marketing and Communications at IdeaScale, the largest idea management platform in the world with more than 35,000 communities and 4.5 million users. IdeaScale empowers organisations to crowd-source ideas from their employees or customers who then collaborate, evaluate, and further develop those ideas into products, processes, and new initiatives. IdeaScale’s client roster includes industry leaders, such as Citrix, Marriott Vacations Worldwide, NASA, the New York City Police Department, Princess Cruises and many others. As part of her role, Jessica analyses and articulates patterns appearing in crowd-sourced innovation.

Prior to IdeaScale, Jessica was a Marketing & Brand Coordinator for Ascentium where she developed brand content and language, created sales enablement tools like presentations and case studies, and managed the Ascentium library of marketing resources.

Jessica volunteers for sustainability organisations and lives in Berkeley, CA. She holds a MFA in English, Creative Writing.

The Five Qualities of Top-Performing Intrapreneurship Programs

If the boundaries between departments are dissolving and transformative change can start anywhere, how do organizations build repeatable, inspiring intrapreneurship programs? IdeaScale is a software solution used by companies and government institutions of all sizes to identify and nurture intrapreneurial ideas. They’ve analyzed their top-performing customers to identify five qualities that set these leaders apart and allow them to find creative solutions, create teams around new concepts, and celebrate their intrapreneurs at every level.


Stories from the Coalface

Robyn Gipters

Raising *Preneurs: How one mum is instilling an enterprising spirit in her teenage sons so they can be successful ‘preneurs’ no matter that career path they choose.

Anthony Kuhlmann

From intrapreneur to entrepreneur: How being a successful intrapreneur prepared me for the leap into becoming an entrepreneur.

Tania Heyblom

Jumping ship: What happens when talented millennial intrapreneurs are denied opportunities.

Brendon Ranson

Gen Z: A digital native’s perspective of Intrapreneurialism.

Our M.C.

Simone de Haas

Speaker, Director, Producer, MC

Simone de Haas speaks internationally on Exceptional Leadership, The Spirit of Feminine Leadership and Unveiling Your Iconic Brilliance®. Drawing on 30+ years of leading diverse groups of Exceptionals & Leading Lights as a multi-award-winning theatre-director and producer, she brings intriguing, ground-breaking perspectives and possibilities to organisations who seek accelerated business growth, human-centred connection and new paradigms for leadership and talent management.

Her unique and diverse portfolio of work creates a strong platform for developing transformational leaders and building exceptional organisations. She is a Creative Director and Consultant for organisations which seek to improve their capacity to engage with their clients and build momentum from their message.

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